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About us

As a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, CAMARA GROUP is one of the most important in Spain and one of the largest in Europe.

On the level of innovation and technology, its products are present in the American market, European and African. Almost 30% of its production, which is performed in three workplaces, are sold in foreign markets.

Fábrica camara

Its wide range of goods: dispensers, trailers, baths, unifeed, drilling platforms, tanks, spreaders, trailers etc ... Are sold worldwide, according to the highest standards of quality demanded.

The sales network throughout the country and in the main European countries, North Africa and the American continent, guarantee full service care and customer support.

Commercial Court, located in Burgos, Mérida (Badajoz) and Caleruega (Burgos) was one of the first companies in Europe who devoted entirely to the manufacture of agricultural machinery transport. More than 50 years that support this family company has continually innovated its products and machines, always incorporating the highest technologies.

Today the brand is firmly established House in agriculture and livestock nationwide.

The agricultural and livestock sector has always lived in a persistent crisis, it is essential priority innovation and quality. So camera equipment has always put real emphasis on being at the forefront of technology.

Our customers increasingly demand comprehensive and technologically complex machines. Camara machinery has adapted to the situation demanded incorporating high technology that allow them to be more competitive and provide better service.

New challenges for the future

Our biggest short-term goal is to expand our market performance, primarily through the export of our machines.

In day to day, an essential factor for any company is that it has a wide and modern range of products to offer to their customers. So we are working towards having the widest range of products possible, while maintaining our commitment to quality.